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Fon Choy in Wildwood, Alberta

Bing Choy and his family came to Canada from the Quangdong Province of southern mainland China. Trained as a baker and understanding the food industry, it was only natural that he would begin his Canadian career in the restaurant business.


Settling in the prairie town of Stony Plain, he started a Western-Chinese restaurant in the Stony Plain Hotel on picturesque Main Street in 1970. The family run business was later passed on to his son Fon and now has reached its third generation with Bing's grandson, William.


Although the restaurant has seen some changes in decor, many kitchen improvements and an increase in menu selections, it has remained true to the original recipes. Using fresh ingredients, most items are still prepared by hand using the traditional methods. Spring rolls, wontons, egg rolls, soup, gravy and ginger beef are just a few of the many items still being created completely on location. The restaurant has always featured a great selection of sandwiches, hamburgers and homestyle breaded cutlets. Large hamburgers are seasoned and hand formed from freshly ground beef and dressed the way you want.

Bing Choy
Fon Choy
William Choy
Bing Choy
Fon Choy

The story of Bing's #1 Restaurant was featured in the exhibit, 'Chop Suey on the Prairies', at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton, Alberta. Celebrating the tenacity of the many hundreds of Chinese immigrants who started cafes in almost every rural town in the prairies of Canada. Recording the history of the development of recipes and menus unique to Canada and appreciation of the multiculturalism that resulted.

Chop Suey on the Prairies, Bing's Restaurant
Chop Suey on the Prairies, Bing's Restaurant
Royal Alberta Museum William Choy

Bing's #1 Restaurant

Main Street, Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada


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